Management Liability Insurance Brokers

Management Liability Insurance - Protection for your business, directors and key management.
Management Liability Insurance Brokers
Management Liability Insurance - Protection for your business, directors and key management.

What is Management Liability Insurance?

Management Liability Insurance safeguards directors & officers as well as the company against the multifaceted risks inherent in the management of the company. These risks range from legal and regulatory issues to financial mismanagement and employment practices liabilities. It can cover the cost of investigating, defending and settling claims by a third party, as well as paying compensation the business is liable for.
Our professional insurance brokers work with you to create an insurance package that perfectly matches your company’s risks.

Our comprehensive approach ensures that clients receive personalised coverage aligning with their specific operational risks.

The Importance of Management Liability Insurance

The importance of Management Liability Insurance lies in its capacity to provide a critical safety net for both senior management and the business itself. This form of insurance is instrumental in mitigating financial and reputational damages that can arise from managerial decisions.

This coverage offers peace of mind to business leaders by covering defence costs, settlements, fines, penalties and awards stemming from a wide array of management-related claims. It allows companies and managers to safeguard their assets, ensuring operational resilience and stability in the face of legal challenges.

Provides financial protection for individual directors and officers against personal loss.

Covers legal fees and settlements related to mismanagement claims, regulatory breaches, and employment disputes.

Supports business continuity by mitigating financial risks associated with management-related claims.

Do You Need Management Liability Insurance?

Determining the need for Management Liability Insurance is crucial for any business aiming to protect its senior staff from management-related risks. It’s vital in scenarios where the actions of directors, officers, or managers could lead to significant legal and financial consequences. Examples of where this insurance is vital include:
  • When a company faces lawsuits alleging managerial misconduct or regulatory breaches.
  • When employees allege discrimination, bullying, harassment, or wrongful termination.
  • When allegations of irresponsible financial oversight or fraud are made against the executive or senior staff.
  • When a company is accused of failing to adhere to the terms of contracts with clients or partners, resulting in legal disputes.
  • When a company’s data management practices come under scrutiny following a data breach, exposing it to legal claims for failing to protect sensitive information.

This high-level insurance provides an indispensable layer of security, making it easier for senior staff and the organisation to deal with legal issues without risking their future.

What’s Covered by Management Liability Insurance?

Management Liability Insurance generally includes defence costs and settlements related to managerial misconduct and employment disputes. It also covers financial losses due to mismanagement, regulatory non-compliance, and claims against directors and officers.
Directors and Officers Liability

Protects the directors and officers from claims arising from wrongful alleged acts against the directors and/or officers.

Employment Practices Liability

Protection against employee claims of discrimination, wrongful termination, and similar employment issues.

Corporate Liabilities

Protection against employee claims of discrimination, wrongful termination, and similar employment issues.

Statutory Liability

Protects individuals and the company against fines and pecuniary penalties for unintentionally breaching laws or regulatory breaches

Crime Cover

Protects the company against losses from dishonest acts such as theft or fraud, carried out by employees or third parties.

Why Choose Cowden?

At Cowden, our industry-specific professional insurance brokers collaborate with you to create an insurance package that’s perfectly aligned with your unique risks. Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures your business's security and success are our top priorities. Choosing Cowden guarantees a partnership that includes risk management consultation and ongoing support, safeguarding your business’s resilience.
Industry-Specific Expertise

Our professional insurance brokers have specialised knowledge across sectors, offering coverage that aligns with your business needs.

Comprehensive Service

With a network of insurance brokers across Australia, Cowden delivers both national coverage and localised service.

Tailored Insurance Solutions

We provide flexible, customised insurance policies that perfectly match your business requirements.

Dedicated Support

Our commitment to client satisfaction ensures superior service and assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions
All businesses, regardless of size or industry, can benefit from Management Liability Insurance. It’s essential for protecting directors, executives, owners and senior managers from potential financial liabilities.
Yes, Cowden offers bespoke Management Liability Insurance policies, allowing for adjustments based on your specific business needs and risk profile.
Management Liability Insurance covers risks related to company management, while Professional Indemnity Insurance addresses negligence in professional services or advice.
No, Public Liability protects the business against claims from third parties resulting from accidents or injuries that occur as a result of your business activities.
Management Liability Insurance is written on a ‘Claims Made’ basis. This means you are covered for claims made against you during the current period of insurance, regardless of the date when the cause of action occurred. That’s why it’s important to notify claims as soon as you first become aware.
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