Business Insurance Brokers

Cowden Group specialises in providing insurance solutions for all businesses, regardless of size or industry.
Business Insurance Brokers
Cowden Group specialises in providing insurance solutions for all businesses, regardless of size or industry.
Insurance broker helping businesses across Australia

What is Business Insurance?

Business Insurance safeguards your business from various risks and unexpected events. As an experienced Business Insurance broker, we understand your business’s unique challenges and offer affordable and comprehensive Business Insurance to protect your premises, stock, equipment and more.

Our goal is to give you the peace of mind to focus on what you do best – running your business.

What does Business Insurance Cover?

Business Insurance is a comprehensive solution designed to protect various aspects of your business.
At Cowden, we understand that each business has unique needs, and we tailor insurance packages to match these requirements. As your insurance broker,
we focus on providing coverage that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, ensuring that your business thrives, even in the face of adversity.
From safeguarding your physical assets to covering legal liabilities, Cowden Business Insurance brokers craft a package that provides complete peace of mind.
Here are some of the different types of cover you can consider in a Business Insurance pack:
Property Damage

Cover for your buildings, contents and stock against unforeseen events such as fire, malicious damage, water damage
and other insured perils.

Business Interruption

Loss of income as a result of an insured event, such as fire damage to your building.


Loss of contents and stock resulting from theft or attempted theft following forcible and/or violent entry at your premises.


Loss of money from your business premises, in transit or at your private residence.


Cost to replace accidental breakage of internal and external glass, including signs, temporary boarding and sign writing.

Public and Products Liability

Covers your legal liability to pay compensation to third parties for bodily injury or property damage arising out of your
business activities or products.

Machinery Breakdown

Loss or damage to machinery due to mechanical breakdown, or damage to boilers and pressure vessels caused by
explosion and collapse.

Computer & Electronic Equipment

Covers the repair or replacement costs to computers and other electronic equipment due to electronic, electrical
or mechanical breakdown.

Employee Dishonesty

Protection against loss of money or property insured caused by the dishonest or fraudulent conduct of an employee.

General Property

Cover for business property, such as tools of trade, laptops and mobile phones, that you use for your profession away from
the business premises.


Covers loss or damage to stock that is in transit on the road, in the air or by sea to and from your business premise.

Tax Audit

Covers professional fees incurred from accountants (lawyers, bookkeeper) in the event the business is audited by the
Australian Taxation Office.

Each of these covers are designed to ensure that your business is well-equipped to handle any challenges that comes its way.
Talk to one of our experienced Business Insurance brokers to create a package that suits your specific requirements.

What is the Benefit of Business Insurance?

Business Insurance is an invaluable asset, serving as a safety net for your organisation. Working with an experienced Business Insurance broker who understands your industry and specific risks is a game-changer for any business owner. The primary benefit of Business Insurance lies in its ability to provide financial protection against a wide array of risks.
The right package can safeguard your business from significant financial losses.

Here are five essential benefits of Business Insurance:
Specific benefits available under this section include:
Financial Protection

Shields against financial losses due to property damage, interruption to your business, theft, and other unforeseen events.

Risk Management

Helps identify and manage potential risks, reducing the likelihood of costly incidents.

Liability Coverage

Protects against claims of personal injury or property damage by third parties, including defence costs.

Business Continuity

Provides stability and support to the business’s operations during and after unexpected events.

Peace of Mind

Offers business owners confidence and peace of mind, knowing their organisation is well-protected.

Why choose us as your Business Insurance Broker

Choosing Cowden as your professional insurance broker means trusting a team revered by thousands of Australians for their unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.
  • With over 50 years of experience, Cowden is a significant force in the Australian insurance market, combining seasoned expertise with cutting-edge technology.

  • Our strong referral record, with 95% of new business coming from satisfied clients, speaks volumes about our ability to deliver economical and effective solutions.

  •  Our presence in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney ensures that we’ve got you covered, whatever your location.

Getting started is simple. Contact our experienced team of insurance brokers to discuss your insurance needs and receive a personalised quote.  We’ll guide you through the process.

Business Insurance Broker
Cowden Insurance Brokers
Trusted by Thousands

Our ability to consistently find the correct solution based on our clients needs has built the trust and loyalty that thousands of Australians have in us.

50 Years of Experience

Cowden Limited was founded in 1972 and through growth and acquisition has become a major force in the Australian insurance market.

Strong Referral Record

95% of new business is by-way-of referrals from our satisfied clients.

Safeguard your Business

We use cutting-edge technology to give you the most cost effective insurance solution.

We are Licensed Insurance Advisors

Along with our 50 years of experience, we hold an Australian Financial Services Licence.
Providing you with peace of mind that we have proven and authoritative service.

We've got you Covered

With offices in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, we will find the solution for your insurance needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Flood cover is not generally automatic however, we have access to a number of insurers who will consider adding the cover to your policy for an additional premium, subject to eligibility.

We can arrange premium funding on your behalf. The funder pays the premium up front to the insurer, and you then repay the funder via monthly direct debits, usually over 8 or 10 months.

Yes, to avoid the possibility of having to bear a portion of a claim, e.g., Property Damage can contain under-insurance conditions meaning if, at the time of loss the sum insured is less than the full value, you could bear a proportionate amount  of the loss.

Under business interruption, this is the period during which cover is provided for disruption to the business following the occurrence of an insured peril. We will assist you to ensure you have an adequate indemnity period.

At your first opportunity contact us. We will be there every step of the way. We will help you notify the insurer, collate and submit the right paperwork and see it through to the end of the claim.

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