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Cowden Group’s emphasis is to provide insurance solutions for Commercial and Corporate businesses.
Commercial Insurance
Cowden Group’s emphasis is to provide insurance solutions for Commercial and Corporate businesses.
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What is Commercial Insurance?

Commercial Insurance protects a business’s assets, balance sheet and people. It ensures the business will continue even after a significant event impacts the operation.

With correctly structured insurances, you will be able to replace or repair assets, cover your lost income, and pay and keep your key staff.

What is the benefit of having Commercial Insurance?

If you have structured your insurances correctly, you will be able to replace or repair assets, cover your lost income, and pay and keep your key staff. Talk to our team about business interruption insurance and why it could save the day.

Where do I start, how do I buy insurance policies and what do I need?

Good news, you don’t need to become an insurance expert overnight.
We will tailor the right insurance program for you, that is cost effective and protects your assets, balance sheet and people.
With you, we will build a business profile of your operation. Typically, we would ask you questions like:
List of your assets and locations
What level of protection, e.g., extinguishers, fire doors, alarms etc
What your business does
What you make or import/export
Payroll, number of employees and turnover
Your claims experience
We then identify the exposures your business has. They would include:
Natural perils like flood or windstorm
Traditional perils that all businesses face, e.g., fire, burglary, malicious damage etc
Specific exposures for your business, e.g., you may export product to the United States, a renowned litigious jurisdiction should things go wrong
Statutory or compulsory insurance buys
Emerging risks such as cyber or environmental

Commercial Insurance for your Assests

We have an extensive range of insurance products and resources available to us to provide you with a tailored insurance program specifically for your business:
Industrial Special Risk
Business Package
Office Package
Commercial Strata
Commercial Motor/Fleet
Marine Insurance
Machinery Breakdown
Designed to defend your business should it be sued or held responsible for personal injury or property damage.
Claims can be substantial and potentially cause a business to fail if they have no cover and have to pay the legal fees and damages:

This covers you should a third party hold you responsible for a personal injury or property damage

Products Liability

This provides cover should your products injure a person(s) or damage property

Protects you for the consequences of a professional error or omission

Protects your business and its directors and officers from actions from third parties and government institutions

Insurance can also cover your people. There are certain policies that are compulsory while others are optional.
Rest assured; all of these ensure your team are adequately covered.
Workers Compensation
Personal Accident
Corporate Travel
Voluntary Workers

Why I need
Commercial Insurance?

Nearly half of all businesses fail after a fire or natural catastrophe because they have either no commercial insurance or inadequate insurance. We can assist you to evaluate your insurance needs based on your risk management program and the type of environment in which your business operates.
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Our ability to consistently find the correct solution based on our clients needs has built the trust and loyalty that thousands of Australians have in us.

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Cowden Limited was founded in 1972 and through growth and acquisition has become a major force in the Australian insurance market.

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95% of new business is by-way-of referrals from our satisfied clients.

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We use cutting-edge technology to give you the most cost effective insurance solution.

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Providing you with peace of mind that we have proven and authoritative service.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Main reason, for peace of mind, knowing you have protection when you needed it. Other reasons to consider:
  • The policy is required by law e.g., workers compensation insurance.
  • Your bank will not finance your asset unless it’s covered by insurance.
Cowden Insurance Brokers will help you identify your risks and advise on a cost-effective insurance program that will protect you, the business assets and your people.
Yes, we can arrange premium funding on your behalf. The funder pays the insurance company the full premium up front and you then repay via monthly payments over the course of the year, usually 8 or 10 months.
Yes, you can. We will explain the policies you have bought; what’s covered and what’s not cover, so in the event of a claim, you know if you have financial assistance or not.
At your first opportunity contact us. We will be there every step of the way. We will help you notify the insurer, collate and submit the right paperwork and see it through to the end of the claim.
We owe you a professional duty of care, if we make an error or omission, you have several options to seek recovery from us.
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