Labour Hire Companies need specific covers and expert advice.

Cowden Limited understand the Labour Hire industry and the exposures it faces. We have years of experience and expertise in this field and will provide you with correct tailored insurance programs to protect your business. We have experience in a broad range of industry including.

  • White Collar (Clerical, IT, Engineering) 
  • Blue Collar – (Construction, Mining, Transport & Logistics, Boilermakers, Food Processing)


Contracts (your client terms) can be very tricky to navigate and negotiate. As part of our service, we include contractual reviews, advice on the insurance related clauses and how your insurance program will respond.


Unfortunately claims occur regularly in your industry. The claims can be large, complex, protracted and sometimes involve state and/or federal government entities. We will work with you, making sure the insurance program responds and your interests are protected.

Some examples of actual claims that we have handled for our existing Labour Hire clients include.

  • Worker to Worker claims for contractors injured at the Host Employers site.
  • Damage to a Host Employers registered vehicle caused by a labour hire employee
  • A random tax audit claim initiated by the ATO for superannuation payments
  • Injury to a Host Employers employee by a labour hire employee whilst operating a forklift truck
  • A fine imposed on a labour hire firm arising out of an employee injury whilst using defective machinery which was owned by the Host Employer.

Our offering comprises a suite of products including but not limited to Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, Directors and Officers and Workers Compensation in Risk States.

Please contact to discuss our services further.